Gift Someone with a Tree!

USBI has arranged with the Helena (MT) National Forest to plant up to 2000 trees in the Cave Gulch-Maudlow Tosten Fire Rehabilitation area. Depending on the variety they plant (ponderosa pine, douglas fir, lodge pole pine or spruce) this could cover five to ten acres. 

Some nonprofit organizations sell trees as fundraisers and suggest charging $6 for a tree that you then have to plant yourself. We're selling a $5 PLANTED tree to you to give to loved ones.

When you order you can either send your donation to us at USBI PO Box 1013 Colville, WA 99114 or you can use the donate button below. If you choose the donate button please be sure to specify "Gift Tree" in the designation box. If you want us to send the recipient of the gift a card please send their complete contact info (mailing address or e-mail) to  


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