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Sustaining Human Life with Biochar - Karr Solution

Mahesh Talwar
Karr Group of Companies, LLC
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Human life needs air, food (agriculture), and water for survival. Forest fires, global warming, drought, loss of water in aquafers, chemical fertilizers, and loss of carbon in soil have led to a steep decline in sustainable life above and below the soil.  Large-scale biochar production can reset the declining curve and provide long term sustainability- Karr has the right solutions.  Karr's patented technology and continuous production technology plant operating in Onalaska, WA together with its production line inoculants of microbes and fungi, provide a perfect solution. Increase in crop yield, reduction in water usage and chemical fertilizers make a strong economically profitable case, independent of Government subsidies.  Learn about the results of large scale field application and the dollars and cents about agricultural application of biochar. Karr’s extremely cost-effective solution and the machine’s low foot print makes it viable for deployment throughout the country and the world. We will also provide a discussion of what to look for in good biochar and why some biochar applications do not provide any beneficial results.  If you want to be in the biochar production and large scale application business, we will provide all the necessary information. 

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