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IRSI's Ulysses Pyrolysis System

Chris Olson
Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc.
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Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc has developed a commercial scale continuous feed pyrolysis system for waste reduction and the production of high-grade biochar. IRSI system is unique in its ability to run on a wide variety of feedstock. With a clean wood biomass the Ulysses can produce a consistent high value raw biochar. IRSI is currently operating the first demonstration Ulysses system in cooperation with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, the Clean Energy Technology Centre, and the Industrial Research Assistant Program in Drayton Valley, Alberta for the demonstration period.  This demonstration period will see the IRSI team running the Ulysses system on clean pine based wood produced in Drayton Valley by their local sawmill. This biomass will be run through the Ulysses and the high-grade biochar that is produced will be sold into the biochar market in either Canada or the United States. The goal for IRSI through this demonstration period will be to validate the commercial operation and economic viability of the Ulysses and produce a consistent high-grade biochar. AITF and AI Bio Solutions will be working with IRSI to do full performance validation and testing around the feedstock, operational parameters, end biochar, and air emissions. IRSI’s value proposition for the Ulysses system has two main streams of revenue generation. The first is to reduce waste streams for landfills, material recovery facilities, waste haulers, municipalities, and industries with large biomass waste products. The second value proposition is for specific waste streams to produce high value biochar. Through the demonstration period IRSI hopes to be able to identify, through the Ulysses operation, a direct correlation between feedstock, operating parameters and the end biochar’s characteristics. No biochar is created equal and IRSI hopes to provide technology for the industry that can be tailored to produce specific outputs.

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