Manufacturers & Retailers

Below is an alphabetical list of biochar and biochar equipment manufacturers and retailers. These companies are listed only as a service to you.  USBI/SOS neither provides endorsements nor accepts liability for any particular product or technology listed below. 


Ambient Energy LLC:  Located in Washington, they provide comprehensive solutions for waste to energy gasification.

Advanced Biorefinery Inc:  Located in Canada, they develop and commercialize affordable, transportable pyrolysis plants.

Agritherm LTD:  Located in Canada, they develop, manufacture and market portable and stationary equipment for producing bio-oils and products from biomass, specifically ag residues, wastes and transition crops.

Alterna Biocarbon:  Located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, they offer new biomass conversion technology called the "Enviro Carbonizer"

Avello Bioenergy:  Located in Iowa, they are commercializing proprietary technology in biomass fast pyrolysis.

Biochar Solutions:  Located in Carbondale, CO, they offer wholesale biochar as well as equipment such as the B-1000 Thermal Conversion

Biochar Supreme:  Located in Everson, WA on the west coast just south of Canada.  They offer Black Owl biochar blends for specific applications by the bag, cubic foot, cubic yard or truckload.

Biz Solutions LLC:  Located in both the US and Canada, they are a renewable/alternative energy project development company that specializes in the pyrolization of various fuel sources.

Carbon Brokers International:  Located in Boulder, Colorado, they sell sustainable, renewable replacements to fossil fuel and offer coal substitutes, bio-crude oil, activated carbon and soil biochar. They currently have more than 200 tons of biochar available

Carbon Char Group:  Located in Hillsborough, New Jersey. In addition to selling biochar they are starting to develop biomass pyrolysis systems.

Carbon Resources:  Various locations throughout the US. They sell activated charcoal products.

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp:  Located in Vancouver, Canada, they are an energy solutions provider with offices in the US, UK and Argentina.

Ecovolve (re:char):  Located in New York, New York, they are an innovative developer of carbon negative technology. They offer patent-pending biomass pyrolysis technology and were featured on Good Morning America.

Eprida:  Located in Georgia, they offer sustainable energy technology.

GEK Gasifier:  They offer the gasifier experimenters kit for anyone from the do-it-yourselfer to experts. The kits produce clean gas and biochar

Genesis Industries:  Located in California, they are currently working internally and with several international partners to develop the Genesis brand of

HM3 Energy:  Located in Oregon, they provide torrefied biomass pellets that can replace coal without system modifications.

Landscape Ecology:  Located in Hawaii, they offer biochar production and sales in Hawaii. In addition to biochar they offer landscape design often utilizing biochar.

New England Biochar: Located in Massachusset, they provide biochar compost, biochar and portable and modular retort systems.

Pyrolyzer LLC:  Located in Boca Raton, FL, they are a renewable energy consulting firm.

R & A Energy Solutions Inc:  Located in Ridgeville, OH, they provide integrated, modular pyrolysis and combined heat and power generation equipment for the dairy, cattle feedlot, recycling, waste hauling, municipal utility and auto shredding industries.

Rocket Stove:  Located in Seattle, WA, their goal is to deliver customized rocket stove plans to the global community. The provide pre-built stoves as well as plans for the DIY.  You can also check out Baja Rob's Biochar Log where he details building a rocket stove

Renewable Oil International LLC:  Located in Alabama, they are developing advanced Fast Pyrolysis Biorefinery Technology to cost effectively fractionate wood and other types of biomass into high value products.

Syngest Inc: Located in Iowa, they manufacture bio-ammonia from biomass that can be used as both bio-fuel and fertilizer.



3R Industrial Biochar-Agrocarbon: Located in Sweden, they offer 3R Agrocarbon technology licensing and technology transfer. They are looking to expand into the North American market.

Biochar Info:  Located in Switzerland, they offer small scale production methods and retort designs for the do-it-yourself person.

Black is Green Pty Ltd-Australia:  Black is Green (BiG) design and implement mobile and medium scale integrated charcoal production facilities that include biochar, fuel charcoal, activated carbon, wood vinegar, heat, steam and power as potential products.  BiG currently has plants installed in Australia and India and is looking at moving into the U.S. Wholesale biochar is available from these plants, although supply is limited.