Biochar Research

This page contains articles and publications relating to current research on the production and application of biochar.

Biochar Sustainability Protocols

The USBI Advisory Board has developed a set of Biochar Sustainability Protocols that promote the health of people and the planet as the process creates value. Please feel free to comment on these to

The San Juan Biochar Project

Overview (excerpt) In May 2010 Tri Bar Inc, of Pagosa Springs, Co., thru its General Manager, Glenn Robinson, was contacted by Gretchen Fitzgerald of the San Juan National Forest. Ms. Fitzgerald inquired as to possible interest in an experimental effort into the production of biochar. The scope of the project is in Exhibit A of the report. To read the entire report click here.

Biochar Gets Started in Hampton Roads

NASA, in conjunction with a group of master gardners, demonstrate exactly how biochar could be made and used in soils. To read the full article click here.

Michigan Tech University released the following article:

Biochar: Grow Bigger, Better Veggies While Slowing Global Warning

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