USBI - Biochar Sustainability Protocols

The USBI Advisory Board has developed a set of Biochar Sustainability Protocols that promote the health of people and the planet as the process creates value. Please feel free to provide comments on these protocols at

Download the Biochar Sustainability Protocols.


We thank John Miedema of Pacific Northwest Biochar for leading this effort and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance for allowing us to utilize much of their work in our development of sustainability standards for the Biochar community. Other valuable assistance was provided by co-editor Max DeRungs, Tracey Miedema, Jim Amonette, Ron Larson, Albert Bates, Gloria Flora, Bill Holmberg, and Jim Fournier. We hope to provide a process for biochar stakeholders (those actually farming, producing, distributing and using biochar) to determine what methodologies they would need certify and adopt to ensure that they are in fact making and utilizing biochar in a socially, environmentally and economically sound manner . The result is that in the first phase of these baseline sustainability practices, we are developing an approach that is practical and market driven but based on the best science and information available. 

The desire is to develop practices that can be implemented immediately while research and technology continue to develop and evolve. This will be an on-going project-- reflecting the core principle that true sustainability is a dynamic journey and not a distinct destination. As science and policy continue to progress, the Biochar Sustainability Protocol will adopt principles according to the most up to date research and data available. There are other similar efforts currently underway globally, and PNW-Biochar is committed to working with these efforts to ensure consistency among protocols.

USBI Advisory Board - Biochar Sustainability Protocols