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55Gallon TLUD Progress and Developments

Norman Baker
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Research and development on large biochar makers, specifically the 55 gallon TLUD, has lagged far behind the impressive recent significant developments in clean cookstoves. Starting six years ago, we began tinkering and improving the Jolly Roger TLUD gasifier. We are now on version 13. This not a Jolly-Roger TLUD. Our results includes three significant developments. First, an easy inexpensive way to dry feedstock and know its actual moisture content.  Second, it also includes an examination of the chemistry and physics of combustion for a new design of the afterburner for a cleaner more complete combustion. This design operates on the combustion principles of the time, temperature and turbulence for complete combustion of pyrogases. This TLUD produces almost no smoke except a small amount at startup and it reaches the proper combustion temperature much sooner than earlier designs. Third, we have developed a way to shut down the TLUD and pyrolysis that is far safer than previous procedures. It also protects the feedstock barrel from using water when finally quenching pyrolysis. This will be a PowerPoint presentation with many pictures and interpretations. An actual unit will be on display for examination and questions.

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