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Discussions on the Yahoo Biochar-Policy List

Ronal Larson
Larson Consulting

This talk will cover policy topics that have appeared on the Yahoo list called ""Biochar-Policy"" (owned by Tom Miles, moderated by myself) for the past ten years.  Topics to be covered include:

  • ethical and other arguments for and against biochar, 
  • criteria used to compare biochar against other carbon dioxide removal (CDR) options,
  • biochar rankings against its competition,
  • comparing biochar with solar radiation management (SRM) options
  • policy activities and support in other countries,
  • the handling of biochar in the 2015 IPCC conference in Paris and the AR5 documents,
  • biochar supportive activities conducted by various governmental entities,     
  • projections of future maximum biochar utilization
  • different possible incentive mechanisms
  • relationships of this conference’s policy track to other conference tracks.
General topic: 

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