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Possible pathways for establishing sequestration credits in Carbon Cap and Trade Markets for biochars produced from PNW forest and agricultural wastes

Patrick Binns
Westbrook Associates, LLC
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A growing number of efforts are underway to design, build and apply biochar production systems for soil and water remediation applications.  There is also an increasing recognition that biochars could offer an effective method for carbon sequestration.  However, clearly defined methods and metrics are needed to verify biochar’s carbon sequestration and mitigation values in Carbon Cap and Trade Markets. I will discuss a framework for collaborations that could establish a pilot program to Measure, Report and Verify carbon credits for biochars from PNW forest and agriculture wastes.  Methods for tracking commercial biochar applications as soil amendments or water filtration media will be considered.  There will also be discussion of research that would be needed to help determine specific carbon sequestration performance of biochars in various site specific fields of use. Finally, institutional stakeholders and processes will be considered for identifying possible action pathways to initiate such a pilot project.  Opportunities for informing national and international strategies for the mitigation of GHG’s through Carbon Cap and Trade financial support mechanisms will also be discussed.

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