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Reactor-Ready Biochar Feedstocks from Forest Biomass

Jim Dooley
Forest Concepts, LLC
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Biochar functional performance is affected by feedstock attributes as well as reactor conditions. Forest-derived biomass is considered an ideal raw material due to its abundance and relatively low cost. The willingness-to-pay price for raw Forest-derived biomass should be a function wood species, primary processing methods (roundwood, grindings, chips, sawdust, etc.), anatomical content, contaminants, and moisture content. Secondary processing of woody biomass into “reactor-ready” feedstock can improve the functional performance of resulting biochar products. Secondary processing unit operations may include beneficiation, comminution, screening, and/or leaching. Examples and case studies will be presented to show a range of forest-derived biomass materials and resulting biochar feedstocks optimized for various end uses.

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