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The Civilization of Soil Hall Marks of the Unintended & Intended Anthropocene

Erich J. Knight
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Historic hall marks of Green House Gas, (GHG), emissions are reviewed, providing repeated demonstration of anthropological land use changes on climate forcing. New Astrophysical and Paleoclimate concordance with extinction events demonstrating climate adaptation by prehistoric man. The Strata graphic measure of distinctions to the start, and effective end, of the Anthropocene. A review of new research concerning Soil Carbon, Carboniferous Aerosols and the synergistic ecological services supporting Net Primary Production, (NPP). The extent of Pyrolitic-Carbon's fraction in soil and the first survey of the extensive deep soil carbon sink. Review of land use studies on Holistic Grazing, ungulate nutrient and carbon dispersal and climate control. Implications for Carbon Dioxide Removal, (CDR), when all Best Management Practices, (BMPs), are observed. How thermal conversion technologies can integrate and optimize the recycling of valuable nutrients while providing energy and building soil carbon. New discoveries from the Advanced Spectroscopy & Meta-Genomics studies in soil microbiology which demonstrate unaccounted for ecological services provided by a healthy soil. All extremely supportive to Argo-Ecological principles, Carbon & Regenerative Farming initiatives & Soil Carbon Standards and GHG protocols. Part and parcel to a healthy, high carbon and highly aggregated soil structure. Integration of Agricultural bio-energy production with nutrient and carbon cycles, enhancing ecological services. Exploring implications for human and animal health, extrapolating implementation at scale of bio-energy systems that conserve carbon for home health, energy and climate.

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