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Is it time for a Biochar Industry Association?

Tom Miles
TR Miles Technical Consultants
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USBI Board member Tom Miles will lead a discussion about whether it is time to create a biochar industry association. Biochar use in target markets requires education, demonstration, testing and policy support. To date under-funded non-profit organizations have attempted to lead product development, standards, education, and policy initiatives. Standards that have been proposed with objectives of developing safe, stable, and sustainable biochars have not been universally adopted. Products and applications have been developed and tested by diverse investigators and entrepreneurs. Producers have established their product qualities mostly through independent branding. Labeling rules are not consistent. Products are beginning to diversity from biochars to more complex biochar amended products. This session will consider the potential roles and objectives of an industry association, what is required to establish a viable industry association, and how to fund and maintain it. The discussion will build on similar discussions held at previous USBI conferences.

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